The UK’s first Sustainable Music and Mind Festival.

Passionate about People and the Planet!

Pando is an organism.

It lives for independent music.

It lives for the preservation of our beautiful planet.

It lives for our mental health.

We knew change was inevitable, it was just a case of when.

A beautiful and proud collective of people built, witnessed and embodied Pando Festival.

With it came a lifetime of lessons and for this we are eternally grateful and would like to say

A huge heart felt Thank you to everyone who was a part of our first event.

Love Pando

Pando Festival was created by two MSc Sustainability graduates with the vision to innovate the existing festival model by lessening negative environmental impacts and embracing the subject of Mental Health and Well-being amidst all the usual fun and shenanigans.

Coming into its second year, Pando 2021 will bring a collective of environmentally conscious, ethical, pioneering, revolutionary and local organisations, artists and entities.

Join us in 2021 for more sustainable debauchery.

“If you want to change the government, you have to aim at changing corporation and if you want to change corporations you first have to change the consumer.”  – Yvon Chouinard, Patagonia.

We are the people we’ve been waiting for.

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