Want to showcase your work at Pando 2012?

Here at Pando we’re all about small busiensses. If you would like to be at Pando Fest 2021 use the contact form below to send us your enquiery. We are looking for local food vendors, arts and crafts businesses, charities and all other types of smal business.

If you are an Artist that would like to play a set at Pando 2021 please use this form here

Pando Festival 2021 The festival starts at Midday on the 22nd May 2021. Running through to 6pm on the 23rd of May 2021. Saturday: Midday – Guests start to arrive, set up camp and find their way around 2pm – The music starts and the bar opens Midnight – The music stops and the bar closes, back to the campsite for some much needed sleep! Sunday: 9am – Morning Yoga exercises Midday – Music Starts and the bar Re Opens 6pm – Music stops and the festival winds down. Monday – Guests must vacate the campsite by 11AM